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Fine Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin
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J. Kraus ~ Wedding Photographer

Thank you for taking a few minutes to inquire about J. Art & Photography for your wedding day.

I have been involved with photography from the age of 10 years old, and years later graduated from the University of Wisconsin, with a fine art major...emphasis in photography. Through the years I have been involved with art and fine art photography, managed a photo lab, shot many community and sporting events and photographed over 400 weddings!

I have not regretted the decision to become my own boss, and look forward to each and every new occasion. My firm belief is that this is YOUR wedding day; you should have your photography needs done to YOUR requests, hassle and headache free! This is how my years of experience and expertise will benefit to make it happen.

To inquire about pricing or any other questions, please call J. Kraus at 920-426-5646, and talk to J. to book your wedding now.


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